Marital Sexual Healing

Often times marital couples experience diminished sexual connection as the result of marital infidelity, sexual addiction, sexual betrayal, and/or sexual anorexia, etc. Couples in this state can have limited sexual satisfaction. This can result in couples living as “companions” although in a “better” marriage (due to the restoration of trust, transparency, stability and safely) but having less of a healthy, exciting enjoyable sex life together. When this happens, this can leave the couple feeling pain, hurt, frustration, and confusion.

Couples who have worked hard to restore their marriage can have difficulty creating and maintaining sexual desire and arousal for each other. This condition can be a major challenge for couples. Addressing this issue requires intentional work and commitment on both parts.

NorthPoint’s Marital Sexual Healing is designed for couples to explore, examine, and address any underlying issues that hinders marital sexual desire. Getting help can bridge the gap between passion and diminished sexual desire. Couples will learn how to re-create intimacy, increase sexual desire, both of which can lead towards healthy sexual passion.

We believe marital sexual health includes emotional, psychological, physical, intellectual and spiritual dimensions. Developing sexual healthiness is not a one-time event rather, it is a process over a life span of the marriage. The reward in developing and integrating healthy sexuality into one’s marriage needs to be experienced together in a balanced, enjoyable, exciting way.

Marital Sexual Communication

  • Interact with your spouse in an appropriate and respectful way
  • Ask /share sexual concerns with each other
  • Talk about sexual limits
  • Communicate respectfully their desire to have sex or not to have sex
  • Can physically express feels of attraction and desire in ways that do not focus on genitals (ex: holding hands, caressing, kissing, etc.)
  • and more

Sexual Self-esteem and Self-worth

  • Appreciate their own bodies
  • Are sensually aware and able to stay conscious in their bodies
  • Allow themselves to experience pleasurable sensual and sexual feelings
  • Have the capacity to nurture themselves and others, and accept nurturing form other’s
  • Have a developed sense of self, an understanding of who they are
  • Allows themselves to be vulnerable
  • Are comfortable with their healthy sexuality
  • Are taking steps to address (heal) issues that have arisen as a result of past experiences
  • Feel confident in their ability to set appropriate boundaries
  • and more


  • Realize and take responsibility of the consequences of sexual activity
  • Comprehend the impact of media messages on thoughts, feelings, values, and behaviors related to healthy/unhealthy sexuality
  • Understand that the drive for sex is powerful and can be integrated into one’s life in a positive and healthy way
  • Respect the right of your sexual spouse in healthy ways


  • Can learn/decide on what is morally “right” and act on these values
  • Are not threatened by other’s sexual orientation that is different from theirs
  • Show respect to others whose cultural cultures, ethnic heritage, age, socioeconomic status, religion, and gender are different from theirs

Contraception, Protection, and Body Integrity

  • Take responsibility for their own bodies and their own orgasms
  • Practice health-promoting behaviors, such as regular check-ups, breast or testicular self-exams
  • Discuss the use of contraception’s methods with your spouse (if being used)


  • Honor the sacred aspect of sexual union with your spouse
  • Understand that sexual energy is not separate from spouse to spouse
  • Understand that sexual union with your spouse is one way that connects body and soul
  • Seeking who or what (possibly God) designed and purposed sexual union as a way for marital couples (male and female) to connect spiritually and sexually

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