Men's Recovery Starting Point

This Starting Point Group is designed for men who have just begun their sexual addiction recovery and want to better understand what it takes to journey from addictive bondage to healthy freedom.

This 8-week group will not only help educate you about the addiction but will also provide you with the first step support of the recovery essentials required for recovery healthiness.

Furthermore, participants will discuss and process the necessary easy-to-follow exercises specifically designed to better help understand sexual addiction. Participants will also come to learn more about the core issues for which the addictions have become the solution.

Join by phone or video conferencing!

"Healthy freedom begins by honestly addressing the problem. Freedom can be yours if you preserve the walk in recovery. It is at this point addicts must try to see what is really going on because they soon will be caught up in the rapids again.” Patrick Carnes, PhD

If you struggle with unhealthy sexual behavior, this is the first step you need to take!

Group participants will learn:

  • Understand Compulsive/Addictive Sex
  • The Ten Types of Unhealthy Sexual Behaviors
  • Understand Courtship Disorders
  • Work Through Damage Control
  • Identify/Learn Healthy Sexuality
  • Understand “What Is Sexual Addiction”
  • Recognizing Delusions, Deceits, Denials, and Excuses
  • Identify Past and Current Problems Caused by Addiction
  • Understanding Addiction Distortions
  • And more…


All groups are fee based. This group is therapist lead and covers a series of focused topics.


All groups are held at NorthPoint Professional Counseling in Novi, MI.

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44070 W. 12 Mile Rd. Suite #200
Novi, MI 48377

For more information about this group or to register call 248.773.8440

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