Making Sense Of It All

Making Sense of It All is an ongoing, safe, supportive, nurturing, caring, and confidential, support group for women to connect with other women who have been impacted by same or similar relational betrayal situations. It is designed to help female partners recover a deep connection to themselves—healing from the impact of their partner’s unhealthy sexual behavior. It’s part book club, part processing current experiences, part educational, and part adding tools to a tool-kit for healthy self-care. This includes ways to lower anxiety and manage triggers. This group meets weekly every Tuesday evening for an hour and half (90 minutes). We welcome new members at any time. “We understand that you are likely going through one of the most difficult and painful seasons of your life.” Because of the relational trauma impact, partners often feel isolated, alone, hurt, angry, betrayed, and ashamed. You will be encouraged to provide input into what you want to learn about or work on, so it’s also partly designed by and tailored to the needs of each group member. You’ll find plenty of encouragement from members, and a great deal of care and validation. “If you can’t join us in person, join by phone or by telehealth video conferencing!” Support goals of this Making Sense of it All group are designed to help partners work through their anger, grief, hurt, distrust of self and others, as well as other challenging issues. These goals are all designed to help to regain some balance in their lives and experience healing. Participants will briefly learn about addiction in order to understand how to set healthy boundaries for self-protection, and to understand the process of recovery that they can expect their spouse is walking through.

Group participants will learn:

  • Stages of deception
  • Understand symptoms of trauma
  • How to manage the crisis
  • How to deal with the emotional aftershock
  • Receiving staggered disclosures and its consequences
  • How to validate/communicate your feelings
  • Understand what healthy boundaries are
  • and more…


$50 per week. This group is facilitated by a Clinically Certified Partner Specialist (CCPS) therapist. Each week covers a focused topic to help bring healing and transform your story from one of trauma to empowerment. Each member is asked to commit to attend for 8 weeks at a time to ensure relational and emotional safety in the group for everyone involved.


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