Couples Life 180 Group

This Couple’s Life 180 Group is an 8-week relational/intimacy building group workshop for couples. This group is ideal for couples who may be experiencing challenges in rebuilding trust, and intimacy. By integrating specific trauma focuses and sex addiction essentials, this relational/intimacy building group is designed to help couples through psycho-education, experiential practice and group process. We believe NorthPoint’s Couple’s Life 180 Group is best experienced after the couple has completed a Therapeutic Disclosure.

Group participants will receive a relational assessment, workbooks, and other materials designed to help each couple navigate through the recovery/healing process. Groups are specifically designed to gently identify and uncover patterns that create and maintain relational difficulties.

NorthPoint Professional Counseling provides a premier couple’s healing group specifically designed to help restore trust, safety, and love in relationships due to the damaging impacts of sexual addiction.

Research continues to demonstrate that success in couple’s recovery is most likely to occur and be maintained when a couple uses a combination of therapeutic approaches which include:

  • Individual Counseling
  • Couples Counseling
  • Couples Group Counseling

Each group member’s healing is increased by applying the Multi-Dimensional Partner Trauma Model (M-PTM). This group will help each couple personally focus on the following areas in their relationship:

  • Identifying strength & growth areas
  • SCOPE personality
  • Personal stress profile
  • Communication
  • Empathy building and crisis/trigger management
  • Conflict resolution
  • Financial management
  • Spiritual beliefs
  • Sexuality, romance, & affection
  • Closeness and flexibility
  • and more…

NorthPoint is a group practice consisting of licensed therapists who have a variety of trainings and certifications. These include: National Board Certified Counselors (NBCC), Certified Sexual Addiction Therapists (CSAT), Certified Clinical Partner Specialists (CCPS), Certified Clinical Sexual Addiction Specialists (CCSAS), Certified Multiple Addiction Therapists (CMAT), and who are EMDR-trained.

We believe that one of the primary features setting NorthPoint Professional Counseling apart from other “Couple Programs” is the support offered to spouses and partners of sex addicts. We have the experience in helping couples truly heal and restore their relationship.

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