My wife and I have been to several marital counselors over the years and have not had the positive results like we have had at NorthPoint. Our counselor listened, challenged and encouraged us to keep working hard even though at times we were close to giving up. Through the Gottman program we improved how to listen to each other…. Learn to better understand each other… and learn to validate each other. WOW! We would never be able to achieve this on our own. Thank you NorthPoint for your hard work in keeping us together!

Tim and Jean

Thank you for working with me setting/changing my recent appointments. As you know my work schedule can be very challenging. I appreciate your patience and understanding knowing that my work schedule is very unpredictable and that my appointments may need to be changed. I have no problem letting you know in advance. Thank you again for your understanding.

A note of thanks and gratitude.

Kim A.

Thank you for helping me reach a point of truth in that I need to take my recovery for my addiction seriously. I know my counselor at NorthPoint has told me many, many times but something happened my session with him today that clicked… “I got it.” You simply said “If Nothing Changes… Nothing Changes.” Thank you for being a therapist who cares. I want to let you know I am committed!!!

Thank you,


You are receiving this letter to let you know how grateful I am to have found NorthPoint Professional Counseling. I was told today that I am the recipient of an award at school where I work due to how I handle the adverse situations I’ve been dealing with recently. As you know I am a person who doesn’t want to be noticed due to believing that when people notice me, they always see my brokenness and flaws. With your help and of course Gods, I am finally breaking free from my toxic thinking.

Committed more than ever,

Anonymous Down River

I recently joined one of NorthPoint’s Men’s Integrity Groups. As you know, I have been going elsewhere for my S/A recovery program (note: I did not like their recovery group). As a result of attending your group over the past few weeks, I’ve decided to stop seeing my current therapist and start seeing you. In just a short time, I have benefited greatly due to your passion and insights. (You need to know I have been in therapy many years with many different therapists in the past). Thank you for your passion in wanting to help someone like me.


A note of gratitude! I wanted to let you know that group tonight has had a different feel about it for me and I like it! I do not know if it’s because I’m further along in my healing process or you may be doing it a little different or if it’s the group of women or all the above! Anyway, I am gaining a better acceptance and ownership of my own healing journey as a result of your group!

Thank You for what you do!

Kathy K.

This may sound strange, but I wanted to thank you for “You Just Being You.” You are good at what you do as a therapist (a gift given by God). I am forever grateful as you do not know how impactful recovery has been for me. I thought I was never going to make it through.

Thank you,


Dear NorthPoint;

My husband and I found you on the web. We were looking for a practice that specializes in sex addiction. After just one session with John my husband told me that he feels he has finally found someone who “gets it.” What did you do to my husband? My husband came home from his first visit with John and was extremely encouraged and impressed. I want you to know that my husband and I have gone to many therapists in the past to get help but nothing really took root.

Thank you John and NorthPoint.

Janet B

Although I was skeptical about EMDR (by the way, I never heard of this term before I came in for an appointment) I am truly amazed how it has really help me heal. Thank you for helping me deal with my deep seeded issues.

A BIG hug of thanks,

Anonymous in Plymouth, MI

Dear NorthPoint;

I was referred to you by a new friend of mine who use to see John Sternfels when she lived in Michigan (she has since moved to North Carolina). After being told how helpful John was in helping her, I called and made an appointment. I share this with you this because you need to know how important it is to be able to get help from experts like John and his staff. I am truly grateful that NorthPoint has video technology to help those out-of-state folks like me who need access to John’s expertise.

I have seen John for nearly a year now through video conferencing (VC). John and his staff are truly talented and gifted in helping people like me (my husband is a sex addict). NorthPoint, you are a God send.

Thank You,

An Out-of-State Believer

Dear NorthPoint;

I want to let you know how refreshing it is that someone (your Admin) would take the time out of her busy day and pray with me. (She probably noticed I was feeling a bit down after my session). Thank you for noticing and thinking about me. Prayer is important to me. NorthPoint you are truly amazing by your care and compassion. Thanks for praying with me today.



My wife and I have been in recovery for some time now. Mine for sexual addiction and my wife for partner relational trauma (I think that what you call it). We both want to let you know that John and Trista have saved not only our lives but also our marriage. The two of you are very special. Thank you both! We are forever grateful.

Stronger than ever!

A Growing Marriage in Brighton
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